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Emirate of Asir Province
Peace and Blesses of Almighty the God be upon you.
We have seen your letter numbered 797/J/2000 dated 10.2.1421H expressing the support of your establishment provided to the execution of all the roads projects being placed on you in Asir Area, and ending with Al-Qaraa—Airport Road.
Therefore, we hereby thank you for the efforts you have had exerted to bring about the works assigned to you satisfactorily.
"Wishing you all the best in your career".

Ministry of Communications
Peace and Mercy of Almighty the God be upon you.
Letter of the Acting Assistant Deputy of the Ministry no. 1140 dated 17.1.1421H. Letter of the Deputy Minister of Communications and Roads no. 829 dated 13.1.1421H.
The letter of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Defense and Aviation, and General Inspector no. 1/1/1/4967 dated 23.12.1420H, appertaining the efforts exerted by the Seniors of the Ministry to complete the road which connects King Faisal’s Military City of Khamis Muhait with Abha Airport as well as the road which connects the said airport with Al-Qara’a town.
It is also to be noted that His Royal Highness has expressed his hope over the work for completing the remainder part of the road that leads to Abha City as well as the improvement of the crossings which are located on both two roads, in order to achieve an exemplary advantage of these accomplishments.
While H.E., the Minister of Communications conveys the appreciation to you, he meantime appeals Almighty the God to help us all to extend all services to our Dear Country.

It is a pleasure of the Ministry of P.T.T. to offer its great thanks and appreciation to "Mr. Mohammed Bin Jarallah, General Manager, Bin Jarallah Est. for Trading and General Contracting"
That is for what you have had contributed and co-operated in the excellent efforts of executions to the Ministry’s projects in the South Area.

Water and Sewage Authority
God’s Peace, Mercy and Blesses Be Upon You,
We refer to the project of Desalinated Water Transmission Lines extended from AlShuaibah Station to the Main Water Networks of Makkah Al Mukarramah.
We hereby thank you for your cooperation with the Authority which was implemented in your completion of the execution of the line that feeds the 20,000 – Reservoir of Arafat and putting it into operation during the Hajj season of the year 1421 Hijri.  This significant deed was effectively bound to provide water to the toilets of Arafat area and maintain the services of the pilgrims, besides the success of the season.
Likewise, we would like to thank you for your completion of the 1600 mm diameter main line that feeds the rearward line of Makkah Al Mukarramah and operating the line in time, which resulted in the unceasing effusion of water during the Holy month of Ramadan giving benefits to all citizens, expatriates, Motamireen, and the visitors of the Holy Mosque.
We therefore encourage you to exert more efforts to complete the remaining parts of the project With compliments.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Reference your letter no. 245/90 dated 5/2/1411 H. addressed to us and in which you indicated that all your capacities, premises, and abilities are under our disposal as a contribution to serve our guided government.
Therefore, in my name, and on behalf of the militant air, I do offer my thanks to your kind patriotic feelings, and to your readying to contribute and collaborate when the need calls.
Hoping the best to our beloved country and to you in shade of our pioneer government and wishing Allah save us from any offense.
Ministry of Health National Water Company Ministry of Transport Ministry of Higher Education Ministry of Municipalities & Rural Affairs Ministry of Education Ministry of Defence & Aviation Salini Water Conversion Corporation Saudi Telecom Ministry of Water & Electricity Saudi Aramco Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu
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