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Activity and Relative Services
Record of all activities and relative services falling within the capacity of Bin Jarallah Group
Construction (Buildings)
Supporting Services (Electricity, Telephone, water, Sewerage, and other works)
Road Construction
Bridge Construction
Tunnels Construction
Operations and Maintenance (Roads, Bridges and Tunnels)
Road Maintenance
Roads Maintenance Works
Water and Sewage Networks
Laying Sewage Networks & Water Networks, Drainage and Surface Networks
Construction of Sewage Treatment plants
Replacement of Sewage lines, Water lines and Drainage Service lines
Construction of Water and Sewage and Transmission lines
Construction of Water Treatment plants
Construction of Pumping Stations
Operations and Maintenance of Surface Drainage Networks
Operations and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Networks
Air Port Construction
Air Port Operations
Air Port Maintenance
Landscaping, Plantation and Park Organization
Maintenance, cleaning and parks organization
Supporting Services (Electricity, Telephone, water, Sewerage, and other works)
Construction of Sand Dams
Construction of Concrete Dams
Operations and Maintenance of Dams
Construction and Maintenance of Dams ancillary works Building, measuring and Control systems, communications systems, etc.
Mechanical Works
Delivery and Installation of Fire Fighting Systems
Delivery and Installation of HVAC Systems
Delivery and Installation of Biomedical Systems
Delivery and Installation of Cooling Systems
Delivery and Installation of Mechanical Control Systems
Electronic Works
Laying of external main and Branch Ne works lines
Installation of Fiber Optic Cables
Installation of Wireless Local Loop (W.L.L)
Installation of Digital Data Network (D.D.N)
Installation of Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
Supply and Installation of Paging Systems
Installation of Cabines and Exchange Systems
Supply, Delivery and installation of Cables
Design, Supply and installation of Building Management System (B.M.S) and internal Telecommunication systems
Erection and installation of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Control Station and Tower Sites
Design and installation of Control system for Wire and/or Wireless System for Plants (Sewage and Water Treatment Plants and Networks)
Erection of High Towers and Electronic Towers including all related activities
Self Supported Tower, Foundation, Erection, Lighting restorer system and Tower Earthing System

Electrical Works
Delivery and Installation of Lighting Systems
Delivery and Installation of Power Outlets
Delivery and installation of Fire Alarm Systems
Delivery and installation of General Grounding systems
Delivery and installation of Lightning Protectors
Delivery and installation of Preliminary Layings
Delivery and installation Control and Monitoring systems
Ministry of Health National Water Company Ministry of Transport Ministry of Higher Education Ministry of Municipalities & Rural Affairs Ministry of Education Ministry of Defence & Aviation Salini Water Conversion Corporation Saudi Telecom Ministry of Water & Electricity Saudi Aramco Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu
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